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Back Foam Roller

Back Foam Roller

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Do Your Daily Tasks With Ease

Being comfortable and relaxed plays a massive role in being effective when doing any task whether it is doing laundry to sitting behind a desk for hours and working. The back foam roller has been designed with delicate materials to give you the break that you need to feel young again. 


Relieve Back Pain: Laying your lower bank on the roller and slowly moving up and down causing your back to arch makes you feel looser.

Help You Relax: Many people find foam rolling to be relaxing. It breaks up tightness in your muscles making you feel less tense and calmer as a result.

Suitable For All Ages: This product is safe to use by all ages allowing everyone to have less tense muscles.

Design: Including squares, rectangles and hallow spaces targets all areas of the muscle.

This Product Is Also: Waterproof, Anti-slip, Non-toxic, and Odourless. 

Color: Black

Size: 26*7.5cm

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